Coldwaltham Council March News


Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11th December 2018.

Budget and Precept for 2019

The Clerk gave all Councillors a copy of up to date Proposed budget for 2019-20 for the Parish Council, noting a figure had been included for an uncontested election next year. Members agreed to a 2% increase for the Precept. Also agreeing the budget of £15361.50.

Chairman’s Report

Alban Head Update: very quiet at this time of year. The Showers project is still ongoing with a key plumber identified to compete the work.

A coat of stain had been put on the new wooden boards on the Pavilion. It was also noted that the Watersfield Football Club had been leaving the Goal Nets up after matches, this is being queried with the football club.

Carpark Project is due to start at the beginning of January.

The Chairman has received several letters from various people, regarding overgrown hedges in the parish.

GDPR Update: A resident continues to write directly to a member of the council, although has been asked to address correspondence via the Parish Clerk. The PC cannot respond to emails or letters sent in this way.

Meeting with Erica Baxter from Sussex Police

The Clerk advised that she and Cllr Evans had met with PSCO Erica Baxter, earlier in December. PSCO Baxter, agreed that Sussex Police had not handled the removal of local police officers well, neither having a communication link ready nor liaising with local communities

The local police officer had encompassed many functions, both being a recognisable local presence, but also by knowing their area well, were able to link issues together. This was particularly useful in rural communities like ours.

Sussex Police have set up a scheme, called “In the Know” which residents can sign up to receive weekly information bulletins. PSCO Baxter asked if the council would encourage residents to lend a hand and be the local eyes and ears again. This scheme is also linked to Countrywatch, (previously called Farm Watch) to help combat rural crime, from fly-tipping to machinery thefts etc.

Stile on the Footpath 2426 opposite Winters Farm had collapsed. The Clerk would contact the PROW Rangers. The Clerk, also noted that the rangers visit parishes on 15-month rota, not sure when in 2019 the next visit is due.


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