Chichester Free School pupils get the chance to be at school before the summer holidays

Many school pupils across the UK have missed being at school and seeing their friends since the start of lockdown in March. With the long summer holidays coming up, that could mean it will be six months until school pupils have been at school and met up again with their peers and teachers.

Rather than pupils having to wait until September to get together again, Chichester Free School has introduced a rotational scheme, allowing all pupils to come into school before the end of this term. Coming in at different times will allow numbers to be limited so that pupils remain safe.

The school’s Principal, Louise New, said, “We decided to offer these transition days as we felt it was important for pupils to have the opportunity to reconnect with friends, teachers and the school itself before the autumn as March to September is a very long time to be away from school.

“It has been wonderful to see so many pupils coming into school before we break up for the summer. We have been so impressed with how our pupils have coped with remote learning and learning in school and we do wish them all a well-earned rest, and the staff too!  Happy summer holidays to all, wherever they will be spent!”

14-year-old Freya Leggatt, who is in Year 9 Aquila House, came back to school with her other classmates in Aquila and Noctua houses as part of this phased transition day.

Freya said, “At first I was a bit worried about coming back as I didn’t know what to expect after so long. But as soon as I saw my friends and teachers, it immediately felt ‘right’ and I have really enjoyed my day back at school and a bit of normality.”



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