Chichester Council March News

Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex

Edited extracts of minutes of the Community Affairs Committee on 11th January 2019.


The Chairman welcomed Inspector Steve Turner of Sussex Police to the meeting.

Inspector Turner reported on recent incidents in the area and that through partnership working with other agencies, a positive outcome had been achieved on some incidents and others were under continuing investigation. The new CCTV camera at the Council House had proved beneficial in a recent crime that had taken place. The Custody Suite at Chichester Police Station had now closed which had enabled police officers to be allocated elsewhere in the district. Although no permanent visible Police presence in the City, there was still prevention, intervention and interaction activities taking place to avert crime.

Members were invited to ask questions and Inspector Turner replied accordingly. A concern over the ‘101’ service was raised, and members were advised that the dissatisfaction of this service by members of public was known and that improvements were required.

Community Warden Update

The Chairman welcomed Pam Bushby, Divisional Manager, Communities, Chichester District Council, to the meeting. Mrs Bushby advised that the process of early intervention was the most productive approach to many issues dealt with by the Community Wardens and working in partnership with Sussex Police and other multi-agencies, meant that incidents could be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Mrs Bushby advised that there was a Report going to Chichester District Council Cabinet on a replacement programme for the out-dated CCTV cameras in the City.

Mayor’s Homelessness Forum

The Mayor reported on the meeting held on Wednesday 12 December 2018 that included members from many local organisations that were involved with rough sleepers and homeless people in the City. The meeting had been positive with details being exchanged between all parties. Notes of the meeting had been taken and would be circulated.

The next meeting was proposed for either the end of February or early March 2019 and the Mayor would report back at the next Community Affairs Committee meeting.

A question was asked on the number of rough sleepers and homeless people in the City, however a true definitive number could not be given.


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