Chichester Council February News

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Edited extracts of minutes of the Council held on 5th December 2018.

Public Questions – Sunday traffic restrictions

The following question had been received from a member of the public.

“Would it be possible to organise, one Sunday a month when motor vehicle use is minimised/restricted within the city walls? Perhaps between the hours of 6am and 6pm.

Essentially a traffic free day within the walls of the city. This could deliver the following advantages:

  • Local individuals and families will be persuaded to travel to town without using cars and realise it is a relaxing fun way to spend the day without risk of collision or having to breath toxic exhaust fumes.
  • Tourists may see car free days as a specific reason to visit and explore our city, bringing trade to local shops pubs and restaurants. We might become a Sussex Mecca for many Lycra wearing pilgrims.
  • Publicity highlighting Chichester as an Environmental Green City will boost our city’s image.
  • It will help establish a culture of people visiting our city centre without relying on a car. People who enjoy car free days are likely to adopt the habit of using alternative forms of transport throughout the year relieving congestion in our city.

The Mayor thanked the questioner and advised that the City Council did not have any legal powers to make this request happen, however, the City Council would approach West Sussex

County Council, as the highway authority, on his behalf.

Cycle racks

It was decided to allocate £32,500 be allocated for this project from the Community Infrastructure Levy) for 182 cycle racks in the City be replaced with the new stainless steel ‘Sheffield’ style rack; up to 20 cycle racks in the City be replaced with the new stainless steel circular style. The Property Manager would liaise with West Sussex County Council on the current locations of the cycle racks as some of them would benefit from being relocated in the nearby area, eg, Eastgate Square.The Property Manager and Councillor Sharp liaise on other possible sites for cycle racks. Two councillors reiterated their concerns of the amount of money being spent on this project.

Litten Gardens Lighting

Decided that £28,578.91 be allocated from the CIL Receipts received for the lighting project at Litten Gardens.


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