Chichester City Council News for October

Chichester Cathedral

Edited extracts of minutes of the Planning and Conservation Committee held on 22nd August 2018.

Applications for Planning Permission

Copies of the plans for each application were circulated to members prior to discussion.

CC/18/01623/REM Graylingwell Hospital College Lane Chichester PO19 6PQ

Application for approval of reserved matters following 14/01018/OUT for details of the layout of the site, the scale, the appearance of the building(s) and the landscaping. 101 no. new dwellings including increased overall parking provision, revised architectural styling, CCDT community buildings, revised employment floor space, a C2 care home, works to Havenstoke Park to include re-location of children’s play area, plus gated area for temporary event parking.

Resolved to raise no objection subject to the removal of the 3 double garages…and their replacement with parking spaces and additional tree planting.

CC/18/01761/FUL Parkview Homes Ltd, 19 Southgate Chichester PO19 1ES.

Partial demolition of building followed by erection of replacement additions to side and rear of premises comprising 9 residential units over four floors. Various internal and external alterations to remaining part of premises which is to be retained as A1 retail floor space including new window openings and first floor infill addition.

A local resident expressed concerns about noise nuisance, scaffolding and access whilst the demolition works were in progress. Although the comments were noted, the Chairman advised that the appropriate agencies would need to be contacted about these matters.

After discussion, it was resolved to raise no objection in principle subject to appropriate noise mitigation…and subject to the comments of the housing needs adviser regarding the housing mix of 7 no. 1-2 bedroomed units and 2 no. 3 bedroomed units.

It is noted that the application would not be subject to the 30% affordable housing requirement as it falls below the 11 dwelling threshold, however, more than 11 dwellings in total are proposed as part of the redevelopment of this building.

Could the Local Planning Authority look into the issue of avoidance of affordable housing contributions through splitting the redevelopment of a single building or site into several below-threshold planning applications, where a comprehensive redevelopment application would exceed the threshold and require a contribution?


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