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Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex

Edited extracts of minutes of the Planning Community Affairs Committee on 25th March 2019.

Community Warden Update

The Vice-Chairman welcomed Pam Bushby, Divisional Manager, Communities, Chichester District Council, to the meeting.  Mrs Bushby reported on the Community Wardens reports and although some incidences reported were common in all the Wards, the reports also showed that the matters dealt with by Community Wardens in their Wards were varied.

Mrs Bushby advised that a replacement programme for the out-dated CCTV cameras in the City had been approved which included reinstating two cameras in the Avenue de Chartres area. The  City  Council  was  thanked  for  their  continuing  support  of  the  Community Wardens. Various other issues were raised for forwarding to the relevant Community Warden.

Chichester Tree Wardens

The Vice- Chairman welcomed Tree Warden Jenny Cole to the meeting. An update was given on the responses that the Chichester Tree Wardens had given on various local consultations and the work the Tree Wardens were currently undertaking, for example, clearing weeds and debris from the base of trees and recording ancient trees in the area.  It was noted that old Oak trees had been felled on private land adjacent to the Centurion Way.

A councillor asked if  the Tree Wardens could submit a report indicating what type of trees and where they could be planted in the City Centre as it had previously been mentioned that increasing the number of trees in the City Centre could a Public Realm Project.

Public drinking fountains and the refill scheme

The Town Clerk that he had attended the public launch of the ‘Refill’ Scheme in Chichester and that the City Council had signed up to the scheme.  The Town Clerk added that the City Council had always provided drinking water to members of the public if requested. The  next  Property  Sub-Committee  would  be  discussing  the  possibility  of  installing  a  public drinking fountain at the Council House.

Car Free day

Work was on-going to organise a Car Free Day on Sunday 22nd September.

Whyke engine switch-off campaign

Clean Air Chichester were co-ordinating events with Whyke residents to encourage drivers to switch-off their engine whilst waiting at the railway level crossing to help reduce pollution.


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