Chichester City Council December News

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Edited extracts of minutes of the Finance Committee  held on 23rd October 2018.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Chairman welcomed Simon Ballard, Environmental Protection Manager of Chichester District Council, to the meeting who gave a brief presentation of the ‘Cycle to Work’ Scheme that the District Council currently implements.

The Scheme enables an employee to lease bicycles and accessories from their employer through their salary. The Scheme is an HMRC compliant tax avoidance scheme and the contributions paid through employees’ salaries do not have an impact on their pensions. The maximum value of goods is £1,000 and any bike and associated costs are paid initially by the employer and then salary deductions commence to reflect the costs. At the end of the hire period, the employee can either extend the hire period, purchase the bicycle or return it.

It was resolved to support in principle and that Officers deal with the technicalities of implementing it.

Cycle Racks

To consider the following Recommendation from the Property Sub-Committee :

(i) £32,500 be allocated for this project

(ii) 182 cycle racks in the City be replaced with
the new stainless steel ‘Sheffield’ style rack;

(iii) up to 20 cycle racks in the City be replaced with the new stainless steel circular style rack subject to the extra cost incurred for these racks being funded by Chichester BID;

(iv) the Property Manager liaise with West Sussex County Council on the current locations of the cycle racks as some of them would benefit from being relocated in the nearby area, eg,Eastgate Square;

(v) the Property Manager and Councillor Sharp liaise on other possible sites for cycle racks.

It was recommended to Full Council that these measures should be adopted.

Review of Earmarked Reserves

A copy of Earmarked Reserves Balances as at 31 March 2018 had been circulated to all members .

(i) the Lift Replacement, Council House and Council House Redecoration Earmarked Reserves

be combined and made up to a combined figure of £100,000 with any supplement needed being taken from the General Reserve;

(ii) The Staff Salary Adjustment Earmarked Reserve be removed.


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