Celebrating National Play Day on the South Coast – the best place to play in the UK!

Home-Start, West Sussex

Best start in life for local children needs playtime!

1st August is National Play Day – hurray shout children across the south coast! Exploring the world through play is a fundamental aspect of child development; what looks like fun with toys, family and friends, has been proven to be the way that our children learn. The first five years of a child’s life are crucial in laying the foundations of learning and development, and through play this is achieved. Home-Start Arun, Worthing & Adur
wants us all to celebrate play this week! Parents included!

At Home-Start, play is an integral area of our work with families, with play helping the parent and child to bond and have fun. Play can be seen throughout all our sessions with Home-Start volunteers, staff and the group sessions parents may attend. Parents are encouraged to attend group sessions at the Children and Family Centres, both as a way for the child to engage and socialise through play as well for parents to spend important play time with their children and mix with otherlocal families.

Jane Lyons, Family Support Organiser from Home-Start said;
“We are blessed with wonderful outdoor play spaces here on the south coast; we have parks, beaches and lovely outdoor space wherever you are. Play is so important for forging relationships between parent and child and it’s fun for everyone. You don’t need boxes of toys to have fun and play, just a tin and a wooden spoon will do for young children!”

Play England ensures that we are a country where all children and teenagers can enjoy play and the right to play. They state; “Play is an essential way for children to develop physical and emotional growth, mental, intellectual and educational development and for acquiring social and behavioural skills.”

Although considered a crucial aspect of childhood for both fun and development, this is not always possible for all children in the UK. As such, Playday UK are campaigning to make sure that all communities are aware of the right to play and we are right behind them every step of the way!

So, August 1st we encourage you to celebrate play on 1st August 2018 Playday UK and join the thousands of families who will be playing outside. You can hold and register your own Playday event or find one close to you by visiting www.playday.org.uk
Do it for yourself, do it for children and families, do it for Home-Start.


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