Carers Support West Sussex say thank you to their volunteers during Volunteers’ Week

A West Sussex based charity is going virtual to say thank you to their volunteers, who make up nearly 50% of their workforce and contribute over 200 hours weekly.

Volunteer’s Week (1st – 7th June) is a national campaign, supported by the NCVO, is an annual celebration of the contribution millions of people make across the UK through volunteering. While this year’s festivities have been put on hold, local charity, Carers Support West Sussex still wanted to demonstrate their gratitude to their force of fantastic volunteers.

 “Our volunteers are vital in the delivery of Carers Support West Sussex services,” said Volunteer CoordinatorWendy Taylor. “We want to thank every one of them for their gift of time they have generously given and to let them know that without them we couldn’t support and reach as many carers as we do. We want to take this opportunity during Volunteers Week to send our thanks and appreciation from the staff and carers that volunteers help to support our vital service to family and friend carers”

Volunteer duties at Carers Support West Sussex range from Counselling, Administration, Governance to Carers Support Groups and Community Liaison. Most of the volunteers are carers themselves, so can really understand the carers point of view. This is not to say you must be a carer to volunteer with Carers Support West Sussex. They ask for a variety of skills, such as listening and empathy, but the main motivation is the want to help their local community in supporting these unsung heroes.

By way of thanks to the volunteers, a personalised card has been mailed expressing a heartfelt thanks and an invitation to join a programme of virtual groups hosted by the charity, with prizes on offer.

While current volunteer recruitment has been postponed due to the pandemic, carers support West Sussex is in the process of developing virtual and phone roles for volunteers going forward.



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