Camp Beaumont to provide 10,000 Free Summer Day Camp Places for Ukrainian Children

Camp Beaumont Cottesmore School children

Cottesmore school offering places as part of Camp Beaumont scheme

Cottesmore school is offering free day camp places to Ukrainian children, as part of Camp Beaumont’s (a provider of day camps in the school holidays) initiative to offer 10,000 free Day Camp spaces to Ukrainian children this summer.

Camp Beaumont is partnering with Mail Force, the charity arm of the Daily Mail, to offer the fully funded places to any Ukrainian child aged 5-16 years at 40 camps across London and the  Southeast. The war has forced more than 1.8 million children to leave Ukraine and relocate their lives in several countries including the UK.

Participation in holiday activity day camps such as Camp Beaumont will give Ukrainian children the chance for some much-needed fun and adventure this summer, with opportunities to learn something new, practise English and make new friends.

What Camp Beaumont offers

The daily camps, which run Monday to Friday, are packed with creative, sporting and adventure activities including archery, arts and crafts, tennis, superhero academy, aqua Olympics and much
more. Each available place is for five days, and each child is eligible for up to two weeks.

Jof Gaughan, Executive Director at Camp Beaumont, said: “Camp Beaumont offers a great environment for Ukrainian children in the UK, who’ve been through so much, to have fun this summer. These children have been forced to leave their homes and settle somewhere new without a clear understanding of what their future holds.

“Whatever we can do to help them grow in confidence and enjoy themselves is key. There are so many activities for children to enjoy ranging from outdoor sports to arts and crafts sessions – and they might even get to try Quidditch!”

Camp Beaumont sites across the UK

The camp has sites based across London, Middlesex, Kent, Buckinghamshire, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire and Hertfordshire. Cottesmore School and Pease Pottage are Camp Beaumont locations based in Sussex, with Cottesmore School participating in the scheme.

To further support the children and their families, parents will also be given a Tesco voucher with a value of £5 per day, to buy lunch for the children during the days they are at camp. Children aged 5-16 years old are eligible, and to book their place, parents and host families should visit:


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