Call for Sites is launched by South Downs National Park Authority

Call for Sites - Homes and green space in the National Park

Potential sites that can be submitted for consideration

The South Downs National Park Authority is offering an opportunity for individuals, landowners and developers to put forward sites for potential development. The “Call for Sites” has launched as the National Park Authority undertook a review of its Local Plan – a process that is required by law to ensure the Local Plan is up-to-date.

Potential sites can be put forward for consideration for the following range of uses:

  • Housing includes new homes, 100% affordable housing, specialised care, for example, for older persons, self and custom-build homes
  • Economic development, including offices, manufacturing and warehousing
  • Renewable energy
  • Gypsy & Traveller, and travelling showpeople sites
  • Biodiversity net gain (where the natural environment is improved) and nutrient offsetting sites.

Call for Sites as part of the Local Plan Review

The National Park Authority is also looking for nominations for “Local Green Spaces”, which local communities think should be protected from development. The Local Plan and neighbourhood plans already have a number of designated Local Green Spaces, but communities are being invited to nominate more sites for consideration.

The call-out runs until 28th September.

Lucy Howard, Planning Policy Manager for the National Park Authority, said: “We’re launching our Call for Sites as part of the Local Plan Review, which Government requires us to do every five years. It’s important to say this is not just about housing. We’re asking people to put forward sites for a whole range of uses.

“Just because a site is put forward does not mean it will be allocated and, of course, landscape will always come first in our appraisal. This Call for Sites is a key aspect of the Local Plan Review, which is a detailed planning process that is likely to take up to three years.

“It’s crucial we keep the Local Plan up-to-date otherwise the National Park would be more vulnerable to speculative developments that haven’t been properly consulted on. This will be a review, rather than a brand new plan, and we will be keeping our award-winning landscape-led approach.”

Land Availability Assessment and submitting potential sites

Following this summer’s general call-out, the Authority will be carrying out a park-wide Land Availability Assessment in the autumn and winter. This will involve looking at the suitability of all the submitted sites.

Lucy added: “We’re working very closely with parish and town councils across the National Park, as well as other key partners, to look for new development sites to meet local need without adversely impacting on the landscape of the National Park.”

Please visit to submit a site to the National Park Authority by midnight on 28th September. To nominate a Local Green Space visit

To see some frequently asked questions about the Call for Sites and Local Plan Review visit


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