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Resident requirements to qualify for the device

Help is now available for elderly and vulnerable residents to stop them being targeted by fraudsters.

West Sussex Trading Standards is offering to install call blocking devices free of charge to help stop nuisance calls. Residents need to satisfy certain criteria to qualify for the devices, which are proven to block up to 98% of nuisance calls. To qualify for a call blocker residents need to:

• Live in West Sussex
• Regularly receive scam and nuisance calls
• Have care or support needs due to factors such as age, mobility or mental health.

Relatives, carers or friends can also apply on behalf of West Sussex residents who meet the criteria.

Benefits of and applying for a call blocker

Richard Sargeant, West Sussex Trading Standards Team Manager said: “These call blockers assist us in identifying and tackling rogue businesses who make thousands of pounds from ripping people off.

“We only have limited numbers of call blockers, so we’re prioritising our installations to those most vulnerable and at risk, but please do get in touch so we can offer our advice and support.”

Duncan Crow, Cabinet Member for Community Support, Fire and Rescue, said: “Fraudsters and rogue businesses are cunning in their phone-scam tactics and ready to dupe unsuspecting victims out of thousands of pounds – and these call blockers can offer vital protection to stay safe and avoid being scammed.”

To apply for a call blocker, contact Trading Standards online or call 01243 642124


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