CAGNE raises health concerns over night flights

CAGNE, Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions, has written to the Chief Medical Officer Health of theDepartment of Health and Social Care, Professor Dame Sally Davies, asking for research to be undertaken to the true cost to health of night flights on communities surrounding Gatwick.

Gatwick currently has permission to fly 14,250 flights at night a year with no restrictions on the number of arrivals and departures they are permitted to fly over sleeping rural communities of Sussex, Surrey and Kent during the hours of 11.30pm and 6am.

CAGNE said: “There has been international research into the health impacts of night flights and the conclusions have shown that aircraft night movements have serious ramifications on the wellbeing of communities.  And yet Gatwick is allowed to fly the most night flights of any airport in the UK today with no cost evaluation to the NHS budgets or wellbeing of people who suffer sleep deprivation due to aircraft movements at night.”

“It is about time that the health and wellbeing of communities came before profits of the airlines and airports.  With Heathrow continuing to offer night respite to communities and a ban of 6.5 hours with a third runway which Gatwick never offered with a second runway.  We feel it is about time the true cost to the NHS is understood from ill health of residents that are deprived sleep due to the noise of aircraft.”



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