Home In Miniature

Let me recreate your home in miniature.

Each model house is handmade to order and unique. For example, every roof-tile and brick is individually crafted and applied to the model.

To recreate your home in miniature, simply email homeinminiature@gmail.com and attach photos of your home. Remember to take clear photos from every angle of your house and include close ups of any minute features you would like to include in your model.

Each model measures roughly 7″ in height. Choose from three options (see below). Email for a full quote. Please note, these models should be considered as illustrative rather than exact miniatures of the full scale building, and where photos lack clarity, artistic licence may be used.

Address: Chichester, PO19
Website: https://www.homeinminiature.com

Email: homeinminiature@gmail.com


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