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So the New Year is with us, and already the schools have started their Spring Term. Bury Parish Council are budgeting for the year and making plans for projects to include in 2018.

SDNP Local Plan

SDNP have made a draft Local Plan which is well worth looking at and available on their website.  It is incredibly lengthy, but if you look at just their key policies highlighted in Chapter 4, you will see that they have worked hard to protect our landscapes.

The first priority of the Park is to Conserve and Protect the Park. This takes precedent over their second objective that is to encourage tourism. Amberley Station timetable to include a good service on the weekends is going to be important to encourage people to arrive by train and possibly bring bikes with them.

Neighbourhood Plan

Bury Parish Council have been working on their own Neighbourhood Plan, on behalf of the parishioners. The proposal offers protection to our local views, hidden lanes, and has been worked on for a long time in order for it to be really relevant to our own parish and its needs. It has been scrutinised by SDNP and stakeholders. The draft plan was displayed in the Village Hall on various occasions.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a parish decision. If the plan has is approved, it will have to be adhered to by CDC and SDNP.

In order to get this statute on the books, the Referendum needs is to be held in Bury Village Hall on 1 March. It is hoped that there will be a good turnout.

Christmas and New Year were over in a flash. The church had many services, with the candlelight flares up the path and within the church gave it a traditional look.  As the church is Saxon, there have been generations attending these services for hundreds of years, so the candlelight was very appropriate. The sprinkling of snow added to the traditional look during the season. Bury Hill had enough for snowmen, but in the village there were not enough materials available. www.buryparishcouncil.org.uk



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