Bury Parish Council June News

Edited extracts from the minutes of Bury Parish Council meeting on Monday 13th May.

Common land footpaths & projects

Mowing has been started around the village. The appointed Councillor has been advised about the legal aspects, in particular the land owner’s responsibilities.

Village Hall Committee

The Council suggested that the fire checks, currently being done by Hampshire Fire Protection, should be done by a more local company. Additionally, the fire risks and PACT testing needs to be done annually. There are currently two quotes for the testing of circuits and PACT testing which need to be reviewed.

Squires Cottages Charity

The Clerk mentioned that the Squires Cottages Charity may need to renovate No. 1 Squires Cottage in the near future. No. 2 Squires Cottage has been done three years ago, and through the then Chairman managing the project carefully and attending the site daily, the cost has been less than £45,000.

The Charity, from which the money would be taken for renovations, has limited funds, and it would not be legal to transfer money from BPC to the Charity.

Both cottages are a village asset and money from them has been used on Bury Green and the Village Hall Car Park recently.

The Bury Green loan is still outstanding, but usually the payments are made from the Squires Cottage Charity.  The Clerk emphasised that the Charity would need to not only pay for the renovations, but would also lose one of the incomes whilst the cottage was not being rented.  She felt that this would be a priority for next year until the Charity recovered from this spending. BPC should not rely on certain expenditure being funded by it.

Planning – Alleged breach of rules

Regarding the Farmhouse and Arun Cottage (SDNP/17/03475/HOUS), many people in the village are shocked that the old part of the house, which was very old, was demolished. This alleged breach of Planning has been reported to Chichester District Council, and is under investigation.

There are also concerns about the damage to The Hollow by the large vehicles involved in the work. The Chairman also expressed concerns about biodiversity. The Council are working to resolve the issue.




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