Bury Neighbourhood Plan Referendum Result

Bury, West Sussex

On Thursday March 1, Bury Parish held its Referendum on the Neighbourhood Development Plan. This is the culmination of four years of work by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee.

The vote asked “Do you want the South Downs National Park Authority to use the Neighbourhood Development Plan for Bury to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

Despite the weather on the day, which was probably the coldest of the year, there was an excellent turnout.  People walked over from West Burton, offered lifts, organised proxy and postal votes and really made the effort.  This plan now becomes Statutory, and will be in force until 2035.

The plan is a very long process, that has taken four years,  but it was felt that it was important that Bury and West Burton parishioners should have a say in the future of the area.

Scams Talk

Last month, we were given a talk by PCSO Moorey in the Village Hall.  This was about scams and cold callers.  One of the major problems is that people are embarrassed when they are caught out and do not admit to it or tell others. Anyone can be caught out or off their guard. Do not enter into conversation with them or let them get a foot in the door.




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