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Bury, West Sussex

The Council Year is drawing to a close, with busy months ahead.  The Councillors are budgeting for the 2019-20 period.  There are essential services that the Parish Council need to provide, such as the gritting of the minor roads and the maintenance of Common Land.  When this is covered, any surplus money can be used for Special Projects. The Council has kept the Precept the same as last year, adjusted in line with inflation.

The Pill Pond, in West Burton, has suffered from winter rains and a fallen tree. WSCC Highways are sending a volunteer team over to make the path beside the stream safe again.  This lovely spot is part of the Literary Trail.  SDNP have also dealt with the bridges, so that they are more robust.  This work will be in accordance with the natural beauty of the area. The volunteers will also make the Fish Ladder safe for ducklings that will be there in the spring.  They panic so easily and seem to seek out dangerous areas.

The Recreation Ground hedge was cut in February, before the nesting season. The Cricket Club will be making arrangements for this summer’s fixtures.  It was agreed by the Parish Council that this area should be available for other sports throughout the year.  There is a picturesque Pavilion and it is all underused.

The Post Office will be opening on Friday 1 March for two hours on a Friday afternoons (1315 – 1515).  Noel Reidy has done an excellent job on his mobile van, but cannot carry on.  Tracy Cawdell  is our new Postmistress and will open the long closed doors of the Old Post Office on that Friday.  We are lucky that we have found someone, as Post Offices are getting very difficult to find now, along with banks and cash machines.  Some of our residents are reliant on this service. Please try to use the service, as numbers are monitored by the Post Office and if we were to lose it, it is very unlikely that we would ever be able to open it again.

The Elections for the Parish Councillors is coming up on 2 May.  It is important for the Parish Council to represent all areas of the Parish and all age groups. We are still low on numbers, so it would be far better to have more Councillors and spread the workload.  Apart from general matters, you can choose to be on a Committee in which you have an interest. (A29, Footpaths, Planning, Finance etc.)  It is hoped that the Council will be invigorated and be truly represent the Parish requirements and aspirations. There are nine seats for Councillors and with that number there will be better discussion and decision making. If you feel you would like to join the Councillors, please contact the clerk to discuss.



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