Bury Council News for October

Bury, West Sussex

Fallen tree

As summer ends, there are still many walkers on weekends enjoying the beautiful countryside.  A tree was blown down over the Literary Trail, but this was quickly made accessible once again for the following weekend.

The Literary Trail

The Literary trail celebrates authors who lived between Horsham and Chichester and goes through from Amberley to Bury (John Galsworthy) to West Burton and on to Sutton. The West Burton part of it has the recently restored Pill Pond, a beautifully natural area of water fed by the chalk springs along the Downs. The upper part is planted with Heritage apples.

The Tarn

The Parish Council has also cut back the overgrowth beside the rill down at the wharf, so that the water flows through properly once again from the pond above, which used to be known as The Tarn.  Unfortunately the Tarn was overrun once again with Pennywort this year, which has now been cleared, but the quality of the water is not assured. Measures have also been taken to remove the Himalayan Balsam.

Amberley folk used to come with their bottles to take water from the Tarn as a remedy for bad eyes and sore throats.

New Councillors

The new Councillors will be instated half way through September, so it will be good to have new ideas and input from them.  The Council will then have the correct number of Councillor through to May, when the elections will he held.



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