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Bury School

Bury appreciate the ‘Good’ result that the recent OFSTED inspection registered. Please do read the full report from the School website or Bury Parish Council’s website.  This will give you a better picture of the school’s achievement. The current Head Teacher (Jan 2017) has been working so hard to bring the school back to its former popularity.

He has put in a massive effort, and we congratulate him on this success. The school is now progressing upwards. It is in the most beautiful setting, and is once again becoming the school of choice. The fact that the children remain friends with their contemporaries throughout life, is an accolade to the ethos of the school and the pastoral care when they start at their first school.

Remembrance Service

Big efforts were made to make this years Remembrance Service special. The school children held a workshop to make ceramic poppies. They were placed at the Memorial in Bury, followed by a short service with the school children. On Sunday 11th November there was the Remembrance Service and Silence.

The school children have been researching the history of those that died. Some local families had photos of those that fought. They should not be forgotten. A War Grave has recently been identified at the end of the church yard.

Looking for Councillors

The Parish Council are still looking for more Councillors. It is hoped that some residents will join that have  experience, or have local knowledge over the years that would be useful when making decisions. Please contact the Parish Councillors via The Clerk: clerk@buryparishcouncil.org.uk or write to Bury Parish Council, Bury Village Hall, The Street, Bury, RH20 1PA. www.buryparishcouncil.org.uk


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