Box Broadband funding free sessions to help East Sussex cyberphobics

Box Broadband cyberphobic sessions

Digital skills classes funded by Box Broadband

Cyberphobics wishing to combat their fear of the internet and computers are being given the opportunity to attend free in-person digital skills classes as part of a community focused broadband supplier’s commitment to connect communities in Sussex.

Box Broadband, the first alternative network provider to invest in the Bexhill area, is funding the free weekly training sessions as part of its generous commitment to “light up” Pebsham Community Hub with free full fibre ultrafast broadband for the next two years.

Dedicated to bridging the digital divide, Box Broadband has also donated laptops and televisions to help the local community reap the benefits of full fibre connectivity.

Computer technician and proprietor of Compuhelp Bexhill, Andy Lawes, has been enlisted to deliver the free face-to-face training and guidance so people can develop their skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.

Sessions on varied topics to support local communities

Andy said: “The sessions provide the perfect opportunity for anyone of any age to come along and find out all they need to know about Microsoft Office, Windows 10 and 11 and internet safety. The sessions are completely adaptable so we can cover a whole range of subjects from programming to TVs and gaming, whatever topics are requested.”

Since its launch, the sessions have so far attracted people in their 40s, 60s and 70s.

Steve Garrood, Commercial Director of Box Broadband, said: “We’re so pleased to announce the provision of face-to-face digital skills classes in communities where they are most needed. These in-person classes will further support the local community’s participation online.

“This will help ensure they have the appropriate access and skills to engage with digital services, along with expanding the possibilities on offer to them from the digital shift.

“Box Broadband is committed to giving people in Sussex and Surrey more choices and empowering them to learn the skills they need if they do want to get online. Classes are free and I encourage any person who would like to improve their digital skills to get in touch and sign up.”

Box Broadband getting Bexhill out of digital poverty

Howard Martin, President of Bexhill Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, added: “Bexhill is a town trapped in digital poverty and Bexhill Chamber with Box Broadband are working hard to get us out of it.

“At the start of the pandemic, the depth of Bexhill’s digital poverty became glaringly obvious. With everyone working from home, alongside remote schooling kids and trapped teenagers on their games consoles, the networks teetered on total collapse.

When urban centres were left to the whims of the markets who abandoned Bexhill as being too small to warrant rollout by the mainstream broadband providers, Box Broadband came forward to bring Bexhill’s broadband infrastructure up to gigabit speeds delivering an £11 million investment in a full fibre rollout, right into the heart of our community.”

Morning, afternoon and evening sessions lasting 90 minutes are available every Friday at Pebsham Community Hub in Seabourne Road, Bexhill-On-Sea. For further information and to book contact Andy Lawes on 07923 458516 or email [email protected].


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