MP leads West Sussex bid to trial 4 national acoustic cameras to catch anti-social road users

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Local MP pioneers trial of new acoustic cameras

Arundel & South Downs Member of Parliament, Andrew Griffith MP, is leading a bid to the Department of Transport for West Sussex to be a pioneer county in trialling new acoustic cameras to catch the small minority of anti-social road users in the act.

Last week, the Department of Transport confirmed it would be trialling 4 innovative noise cameras across England and Wales. Andrew Griffith MP joined forces with Sussex Police, the Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and local campaign groups, to make the case for a camera to be located on noise ‘hotspot’ on the A29 at Bury Hill.

On average, 34% of vehicles on this stretch of road were speeding on a given day. Data boxes located along the route have captured useful data which will be submitted to the Department of Transport along with the bid.  This data includes the fact that while motorbikes make up only 7% – 10% of total peak traffic on Bury Hill, they represent around 70% of speeding vehicles.

Although only one location can be named in the bid itself, Andrew hopes that in time many other similar noise hotspots along the A272, the A29 and other local roads can be covered.

Road offences impact on communities

Andrew Griffith MP said: “The issue of anti-social noise, speeding and reckless endangerment of life from a small minority of motorcyclists has been a long-term issue which blights the lives of residents living in otherwise peaceful West Sussex villages.

“I have already spoken to the Secretary of State for Transport about the strong local appetite for West Sussex to be a triallist of this new national acoustic camera technology and I am delighted by the level of support from the Police, the County Council and many residents for our bid.”

County Councillor Tom Richardson, Advisor on Road Safety to the Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “Having spent most of my working life as a specialist roads policing officer, I know all too well how under equipped the police are to be able to effectively tackle these offences.

“The acoustic cameras, backed up with the right legislation, could solve a problem that has impacted communities across the country for many years. I strongly believe that these new cameras, positioned in the right locations, will deter the majority of the anti-social riders and drivers.”


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