Bespoke Weddings and Jousting Knights at the Magical Loxwood Meadow

Would you like a wedding with a difference, or perhaps the chance to renew your vows in a true pagan ceremony?

Located in the idyllic Faerie Woodland, the Loxwood Joust is offering couples the chance to celebrate their special day in style on the 4th, 5th 11th and 12th August with a bespoke handfasting wedding ceremony, a mediaeval banquet and seats in the royal pavilion, with bride’s Knight of choice, jousting for her favour and honour.

A handfasting is an ancient Pagan custom that originally worked in a similar way to our modern day engagement. Two people would announce that they were ‘bound’ in love for a year and a day, and this would give them a chance to try marriage. After a year and a day, if it did not work, they would part with no further commitment to each other. If it worked well, they got married.

Handfasting was an important part of mediaeval life and the Loxwood Joust is offering a number of ceremonies for you and your guests to partake in. Ranging from full bespoke weddings through to vow renewals, a year and a day betrothals and ring blessings, you can make a promise to your loved one whether you are looking for a marriage, or a commitment for “as long as love shall last.” Ceremonies can be tailored to suit individual couples and each will receive a keepsake candle, certificate and the original souvenir script.

Then, in keeping with both the mediaeval and current traditions, the wedding or handfasting party is invited to join the sumptuous mediaeval banquet. Hosted by Queen Georgiana of Loxwood the authentic four-course luncheon will be overflowing with the sights, sounds and smells of a mediaeval feast. Contrary to popular belief mediaeval food was rich and flavoursome, with banquets always designed to amaze and entertain. So, whilst you feast and celebrate in the lavish banqueting marquee, you will be entertained with wit, amusing anecdotes and unusual antics by the court jesters, riddlers and musicians.

The Banquet

As a further treat for the Loxwood Brides and Grooms; couples who choose to hold their bespoke handfasting wedding ceremony in the Loxwood Meadow and dine at the mediaeval banquet, will be treated with their guests to exclusive seats in the Royal Pavilion for the magnificent fully armoured jousting tournament. In addition, the bride may choose a knight to take her ‘favour’ and he will joust in her honour, whilst demonstrating his prowess with a lance combined with reckless showmanship, in a full combat jousting battle of courage and strength.

So if you would like your special day to be like no other, and set in the magical Loxwood Meadows, please contact [email protected] for more information and we will ensure that your unique day is tailor-made just for you. Advance tickets available at


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