Become a Distributor for Sussex Local

Sussex Local is delivered every month to over 55,300 Sussex addresses between 21st of the month and the end of the same month.

Our distribution rounds are usually between 300 and 1,000 magazines. Distributors are paid pro-rata per thousand magazines delivered. We look for sensible, responsible people of any able age. Our team ranges in age from 14 – 70, and often we find it’s a family affair!

What you need to know

To collect the magazines from our distribution points you will need to drive. Or you will need someone to drive you. Also, if you are under 18, we will need to obtain permission from your parent/carer. We will need to meet them prior to commencement to ensure that they are happy with the arrangements. Due to this, they must agree to take ultimate responsibility for ensuring the round is completed.

Detailed maps and street lists taken from the latest Royal Mail Post Address Files are supplied. This ensures you know where you’re going. And we pay you promptly direct into your designated bank account, once the round is complete.

We plan and track our rounds with a dedicated app which you will need to install on your smartphone and have switched on while you are doing your round. That way we can assure our customers that their magazines are being delivered on time. When you have finished the round, you can switch off the app and it finishes tracking until started again.

We call it a “walk with a purpose”, as it’s a great way of getting some exercise in the fresh air – plus you get paid for it! As we have high standards, we pay good rates. To ensure every distributor is fully aware of what the job entails, we always meet every one personally. Furthermore we meet you so you can sign a contract. Our advertisers pay us to ensure we get the magazines through the doors, so we are particular who we take on. We are always at the end of the phone is there are any queries.

If you are interested please complete an application – there is no obligation. We will keep you on the waiting list and contact you when a round in your area becomes available.


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