Beachgoers urged to follow foreshores safety guidelines this summer

Chichester District Council is reminding people to follow its Foreshores Code of Conduct and maintain social distancing to ensure that everyone can enjoy the district’s beaches safely this summer.


The Foreshores Code of Conduct applies to Bracklesham, East Wittering and Selsey beaches and offers guidance on a range of seaside activities, from sunbathing and picnicking, to walking, horseriding and kitesurfing, offering simple advice on how beachgoers can keep themselves and others safe.


Everyone looking to enjoy these beautiful beaches this summer is asked to be respectful and courteous to each other by following this code and by maintaining social distancing to help stop the spread of coronavirus.


Horseriders are reminded to take care when passing children and dogs on the beach, ensure they clear up after their horses on slipways and in car parks, and avoid riding in large groups or in poor weather conditions.


Kitesurfers are advised to find a quiet area away from other beach users to launch and land their kites. They should also act responsibly, being mindful of the weather conditions and their own kitesurfing ability, in order to keep themselves and others safe.


The code also includes general advice around picnics, barbecues, and bathing. Barbecues are permitted on beaches but they should be kept away from other beach users and private properties. People must ensure barbecues are fully extinguished and disposed of responsibly, along with any other litter, before leaving the beach.


Children must always be supervised while bathing in the sea, and people should be extra careful when using inflatables as these can easily be carried off out to sea by offshore winds.

“We are lucky to have some beautiful beaches in our district, which we hope people will be able to enjoy this summer, but it’s really important to follow the guidance that’s in place to ensure you stay safe,” says Councillor Penny Plant, Cabinet Member for the Environment and Chichester Contract Services at Chichester District Council. “Only last month, the council’s Foreshores Team rescued two young girls who were in danger of being blown out to sea and rescued a man who jumped off an inflatable and had to be rushed to the hospital.

“Our Foreshores Code of Conduct sets out clear guidance for all beach users, and I would encourage everyone to check this before visiting.”


“If you need any assistance while you’re at the beach, our Foreshores team can also help by providing information about up to date weather conditions, tide tables, and general information regarding the beach and foreshore.”


The Foreshores Code of Conduct is available to read and download at


People can contact the Foreshores team by visiting the office at the end of Bracklesham Lane, Bracklesham, or by calling: 01243 672133.


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