Barriers prove the winning post at summer horse racing

As the exhilarating horse racing season takes off, event organisers brace themselves for the challenges accompanying the celebration – chiefly, crowd management and ensuring the welfare of the majestic animals central to the sport. These high-capacity events rely on meticulous planning and strategic implementation, says site security specialist SafeSite Facilities.

Horsing around in the wrong lane

When it comes to managing vehicular traffic at these high-attendance events, SafeSite Facilities recommends a blend of robust solutions. One of their standout offerings is the heavy-duty concrete Jersey barrier.

Ranging from 500kg to a staggering 4700kg, these interlocking blocks act as formidable bulwarks, effectively demarcating parking zones and directing traffic flow. The genius lies in their modularity – each unit can be easily manoeuvred, providing flexibility crucial for creating optimised entry and exit routes.

These concrete barriers can even be personalised with a company logo or enhanced with anti-climb fencing for additional security, combining functionality with brand visibility.

Then there’s the hugely popular water-filled Bison Barrier that’s a fantastic tool for effectively managing traffic at large events like horse racing.

Owing to its water-filled structure and considerable weight of 400 kg when full, the barrier not only provides a clear demarcation of different zones but also stands firm against high winds, reducing the risk of accidental trespass or unexpected disruptions due to weather conditions.

With the added feature of attaching a solid hoarding or mesh fence panel, organizers can ensure heightened security around sensitive areas such as the track, stables, and VIP sections.

When it comes to setup, Bison Barriers prove remarkably user-friendly. Their unique design allows for easy positioning around corners and angles, essential for outlining irregular or complex event spaces.

They’re also equipped with an interlocking groove system, making them straightforward to stack and create sturdy, high barriers where necessary, such as blocking off vehicle access routes. Incorporating standard pedestrian or vehicle gates in the barrier setup further streamlines the movement of attendees, staff, and vehicles around the venue.

If that weren’t all, Bison barriers are fully recyclable, reinforcing commitments by the horse racing industry to reduce environmental impact.

Keeping the people safe

For pedestrian traffic management, SafeSite Facilities brings to the table retractable belt barriers and pedestrian barriers. With their flexibility and ease of modification, retractable belt barriers are perfect for managing serpentine queues and directing spectators to entrances, food stalls, betting kiosks, and other facilities. Their simplicity allows quick adjustments, ensuring fluid crowd movement even in dynamic scenarios.

Physical pedestrian barriers, on the other hand, provide a more solid line of demarcation. With robust construction and high visibility, they not only guide attendees but also act as a safety measure, preventing accidental ingress into restricted areas. They can be arranged in numerous configurations, including straight and curved, catering to the specific layout of any event space.

However, choosing the most suitable barrier solution requires a keen understanding of each event’s unique requirements. The Manta barrier is one option that often stands out for its balance of durability, adaptability and portability.

Each Manta barrier is 1.5m high, crash-tested to T2 W7 levels, and wind tunnel tested to British Standards. This ensures they can withstand significant impact and severe weather conditions. Their steel construction and high-visibility coating make them an ideal choice for delineating pedestrian walkways and vehicle access points.

No jump scares

While these barriers are indispensable for managing the human aspect of horseracing events, they also play a significant role in ensuring the animals’ safety.

Training facilities need to ensure they keep their horses safe and well-prepared for the races. This involves more than just proper stabling, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. The physical security of the paddocks is a paramount concern, necessitating the use of durable barriers that can prevent the horses from straying into potentially dangerous areas.

SafeSite Facilities rises to this challenge by providing a selection of concrete barriers and fencing systems ideally suited for the needs of training facilities and stud farms. For instance, their Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers and Legat interlocking blocks can provide solid perimeters around paddocks and other high-risk areas.

With the added option of enhancing these barriers with anti-climb fencing, these locations can ensure protection against the theft of their horses, granting peace of mind to owners and trainers alike.

Michael Knibbs, Managing Director at SafeSite Facilities, commented: “Safety at horse racing events is complex, encompassing crowd management, traffic control, and horse safety. Our vast range of products and services offers an integrated solution to these challenges.

“We’ve long had the expertise to provide robust, customisable solutions to ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable experience for all involved. Whether defining vehicle parking zones, directing crowd flow, or securing paddocks, SafeSite Facilities is a reliable partner, ready to contribute to the success of the horse racing season.

“Amidst the thunderous applause and the spectacle of the races, rest easy knowing that both attendees and our beloved horses are in good hands.”

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