Barnham Primary School June Roundup

The Eco-Team are a group of pupils, along with adult representatives, who take the lead in helping to educate our school and local community. The team participates in a number of projects and campaigns which cover environmental, social, ecological and sustainability issues. The team aims to get the whole school involved and ensure that everyone understands the importance and relevance of their actions.

Our ongoing projects support local charities, for example – all shredded paper from school is donated to The Cat and Rabbit Rescue Centre in Sidlesham and is used as bedding for guinea pigs and rabbits. Plastic milk bottle tops are collected and Chestnut Tree House benefits from the sale of the plastic. Children learnt from a recent assembly how this money is used for the Children who visit the Hospice. The bottle tops are sold to a company who make furniture. We have these “recycled” picnic tables in our school grounds. We also  ask parents and pupils to keep used postage stamps,  these are sent to raise funds for Canine Partners. We supported Spirit FM’s “Tonnes of Tins” food bank awareness campaign. The Eco Team organised a “Bring a tin (or 2) to school day”. Hundreds of tins where collected in a shopping trolley!

We awarded certificates to the class who collected the greatest amount of food. Projects like these, educate the pupils to understand the full picture, promote tolerance and raise awareness in the community around them.

Orminston Six Villages Academy has invited us to help in the natural development of their school grounds. We will be growing sunflowers that they will then plant to enhance their wild area.

At Barnham Primary school we acknowledge that we have an eco-responsibility to ensure that the next generation grows up aware of issues and is prepared to help. Pupils connect to the world around them, have respect and appreciation for the environment and a sense of place and connection through community involvement.


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