Barnham Parish Council December News

Barnham, West Sussex

Summary of the minutes of the Barnham Parish Council meeting on 5th November.

Vacancy. There is a vacancy of a Parish Councillor so if anyone is interested in joining please do make contact with me.

Planning. 3 new applications were considered:  BN/46/18 – Unit 2, Windmill Shopping Village – single storey showroom – the Council agreed to raise no objection; BN/48/16 – Land north of Sunnyside Cottages, Yapton Road – removal of existing building and erection of 2 new dwellings – the Council noted this was related to a previous application they had objected to as it had been proposed to use the existing glasshouse buildings and base to build the dwellings on.  However, they agreed to raise no objection to this new application but commented that they would not wish to see approval setting a precedent set for further dwellings to be erected on the site.  BN/49/18 – Land at Former Pollards Nursery, Lake Lane – variation of an application approved to erect 7 dwellings at the entrance to the development at this site.  The Council had not objected to the previously approved application – although at that time they had asked that consideration be given to erecting fewer houses and retaining more green space – therefore agreed to raise no objection to this application. Decisions on previously submitted applications were noted.

Other planning issues:

An update on a further meeting with representatives in relation to the possible regeneration of The Square, Barnham – further details of items discussed can be found in the Council’s draft minutes on the website.

An update on the latest meeting of BEWAG – the group that discusses issues around the Strategic Development Site south of the Parish. Further information on this meeting can be found in the Council’s draft minutes.

The Council approved an Information Security Incident Policy – required in relation to possible personal data breaches under GDP.

Following ADCs approval of the merger of Barnham and Eastergate Parish Councils an Establishment Order will be published on 1st December. As part of that Order a draft precept figure will be published.  The figure ADC are suggesting will be discussed by the Shadow Council, that has been put in place to ensure a smooth transition to the new Council, at a meeting to look at a draft budget to see if the figure suggested will be sufficient for the requirements of the new Council.

Next meeting is on  Monday 3rd December at 7.30 p.m. in Barnham Community Hall.  Alison Crabb, Clerk


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