Barnham and Eastergate Parish Council July News

Edited extracts from draft meeting minutes of the Barnham & Eastergate Council on 4th June 2019.

ABE Community Land Trust (CLT)

A representative of the ABE Community Land Trust had given a presentation to the Annual Parish Assembly. The aims of the Trust is to provide affordable homes for local people through working with Housing Associations who develop land. The Trust would be working with specific Associations to try and identify possible land or development opportunities within the Parishes that when houses were built, could become houses that would be made available only to families living within the Parishes. Response: The new Parish Council is  to formally consider their position and after some discussion it was agreed that the Council would support the Trust as much as possible with their aims and aspirations. In terms of formal representation it was agreed that a representative would attend a couple of meetings to see if he thought full involvement would be a possibility, if this proposal was acceptable to the Trust. He would then report back to a future Full Council meeting and a final decision on representation would then be made.

Planning and Environment Committee

Under this item,  the Chair introduced the issue of the lack of bridleways in the Parish and the apparent lack of inclusion of such provision in the green corridor proposals for the new A29.

Response: After a short discussion the Council agreed to look to include an appropriate equestrian policy in the revised Neighbourhood Plan. The Clerk was also asked to write to WSCC to establish why the riding of horses was prohibited on multi-modal use paths in the County.

Another issue raised under this item was a request from the applicant in respect of a planning application at The Piggeries in Church Lane for the Council to reconsider their response in respect of the future Gypsy and Traveller rights issue on the site.

Response: The Council agreed not to change their stance in this respect.

New Logo

New logo

The Council also confirmed the final design for their new logo, representing the amalgamation of Barnham and Eastergate Parish Councils.



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