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Neighbourhood Wardens:
Have Your Say

By now the public consultation on whether Neighbourhood Wardens should be provided for our Parish has concluded and the Parish Council will be reviewing the responses received and using them to inform its discussions and make a final decision at a future meeting.

It was hoped that this would be the August meeting but as some Councillors will not be present, we will be arranging a time and date when all Members of the Council will be able to attend to take part in the decision making process and cast their vote.

Village Gateways

Some of you may have noticed that the first set of Village gateways has been installed on the A283 Washington Road. Whilst we have received some very positive comments about these gates, we have also received some complaints from residents living nearby about the impact on site lines for vehicles exiting Heather Way onto the Main road.

For this reason, the Parish Council has reviewed the positioning of one of the gates and has decided to remove the structure on the northern side of the road to alleviate the problem. Feedback from other villages where these gates are in situ is that they do have an impact on drivers by giving them the perception that they are entering a residential area and should adjust their speed accordingly. We hope that this will be the case for our village and will be carrying out inspections on the other roads into the Village identify a more suitable location for the next installation over the next couple of months.

Storrington & Sullington & Washington Neighbourhood Plan

The independent examination is underway and we have received a report containing a list of enquiries from the examiner that require review.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will be formulating its response to these enquiries and it is likely that a public hearing will be held sometime during the next couple of months. I will report further on this in future articles.

Plot Vacancies at Ravenscroft Allotments

We currently have a number of plots available at the Ravenscroft Allotment site. If you live in the Parish and are interested in growing your own fruit and vegetables, please contact the Parish Office for information.

If you would like further information on these topics or any of the Parish Council’s activities, please contact the Clerk on 01903 746547.



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