August News from Pulborough Parish Council

Pulborough Brooks, West Sussex

Extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning & Services Committee meeting held on 5th July 2018.

Pulborough By Pass?

Cllr. Quested had forwarded a proposal to the Parish Office to be considered by the Committee. Cllr Quested had stated that it needs to be kept in mind, that should there be any further development in Pulborough, a by-pass  should  be  considered  north  to  south  along  the  A29.

After  some discussion Members thought this proposal should not be submitted at this time and will be discussed with Cllr. Quested at the August P&S meeting. It was felt that there would be an impact of issues having a by-pass in Pulborough and this doesn’t form any part of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Members discussed other schemes and agreed to submit the following:

  • Traffic calming in Link Lane & Glebelands.
  • Extend the 30mph speed limit further northwards on the A29.
  • Bus services to connect with key commuter train services.

Residents’ Correspondence

  • Email correspondence   regarding   parking   in   Link   Lane.   Copied   to Committee.
  • Email correspondence regarding the traffic lights in London Road, adjacent to the Highfield development. Copied to Committee.. Members had no further comments to make.
  • Email correspondence regarding the land around the village hall. Copied to Committee.
  • Email correspondence regarding the speed limit change on London Rd and details of the consultation in March/April 17.

Items for next meeting

  • Proposed by Cllr. C. Esdaile – A27 By-pass – To discuss key points on the impacts of Pulborough, with a view to write to Highways England.
  • Proposed by Cllr. Kipp – To receive and discuss the response from WSCC regarding further  improvements  in  Lower  St,  Pulborough.  The  Deputy Clerk will chase a response from WSCC and this will only be added to the next agenda if a response is received.


Notification  of   lodged  appeal  for  DC/18/0339   –   49  Little  Dippers, Pulborough – Erection of single storey front extension.


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