August News from Ashington Parish Council

Ashington, West Sussex

The Neighbourhood Plan Clerk and Planning Consultant are putting together the first draft of the Ashington Neighbourhood Plan.

This is a very rough document at present and is very much a ‘work in progress’. It captures all of the information we have gathered to date including our “Vision, Objectives and Policies.”

All site promoters were asked which, if any, of our community needs and priorities they are prepared to deliver either on their site or are simply prepared to pay Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) money to HDC to have them delivered elsewhere. This information, together with other comprehensive site assessment work and the draft Neighbourhood Plan, will help decide on which sites become ‘Preferred Options’ for development of the 123-200 homes that we need up to 2031.

The most beneficial strategy for the Parish is probably to have developers deliver tangible community benefits on their sites.

However, all possible strategies are being explored and community benefits assessed so that the Neighbourhood Plan achieves the best possible outcome for the Parish. It is also important that the delivery of community benefits is not piecemeal across the Parish but is a comprehensive and coherent plan for the Parish.

One of the downsides of having so many sites submitted to the Neighbourhood Plan is that it has generated an awful lot of work, however, the benefit is that it gives us greater choice as to where we can put the homes and community benefits.

Once we have chosen our preferred options we will be holding a public exhibition and inviting all residents and stakeholders to view and comment upon the plans. We will be promoting this event widely and in many different ways as it is vital that local residents and stakeholders engage in the process.


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