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We are gradually teasing out the detail of what various sites can deliver in terms of housing numbers and community contributions and that best fit with our Vision, Objectives and Policies.

Understandably Developers are reluctant to commit to promises that they may not be able to deliver until they know exactly how many homes they may be given permission to build but we’re getting some good indications at this stage. Short listing of sites is somewhat complicated because some potential sites are reliant upon agreements with other sites or landowners and there is a real danger that agreements may not be honoured.

We are investigating these issues to see if formal agreements are in place, who are the landowners involved and whether these linkages are strictly necessary as they add a level of complexity that is not necessarily beneficial or needed. We are talking to some key stakeholders to see how potential allocation of sites may impact upon them in a positive, neutral or negative way.

Any site that we allocate for new homes must be ‘deliverable’ so we need to identify issues/risks and weigh these up against all of the other available sites so that we select sites which are also deliverable. If we allocate sites and they turn out to have deliverability issues then we will not achieve our target number of homes and will have to re-visit the Neighbourhood Plan quickly and allocate other sites to meet the shortfall.

If the ‘undeliverable’ site then becomes available we could end up with many more homes than our target as an allocation is difficult to reverse.

We are also in the process of drafting the actual Neighbourhood Plan document and all of the associated documents that need to be prepared as ‘supporting evidence’.


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