Ashington Parish Council September News

Ashington, West Sussex

The current status of our Neighbourhood Plan is that we have 18 potential development sites around the Parish: some Site Promoters are offering to build community facilities alongside the new homes that they are proposing; some Site Promoters are offering money instead of providing community facilities (Community Infrastructure Levy which is payable on all new developments but only 15-25% is retained for the Parish and 75-85% goes to Horsham District Council for District infrastructure) and other Site Promoters have sites so small that they can offer neither.

Some time ago we produced a Community Needs & Priorities document which lists the Community Infrastructure that we need. We also have a ‘target’ number of homes that we need to deliver to meet HDC and government targets. We are now looking into fine detail at all of this information to make sure that: we get the best we can for our Parish; new facilities can be delivered in the right places; we don’t duplicate facilities; we consider ALL available options and we deliver the right numbers of new homes. Our reasons for shortlisting any site for development must be based on sound reasoning and facts not on prejudice or ‘nimby-ism’.

Once we have chosen our Preferred Options we will be holding a Public Exhibition and inviting all residents and stakeholders to view and comment upon the proposals. We will be promoting this event widely and in many different ways as it is vital that local residents and stakeholders engage in the process. In Autumn 2018 we will produce our first draft Neighbourhood Plan and everyone will have a chance to look at it and make comment.

All shortlisted sites will have issues that need to be overcome before planning permission will be granted. There will be issues of highway access, landscape, ecology, heritage, design and many others and all of these will be addressed in great detail during the planning application process.


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