Ashington Parish Council News for October

Ashington, West Sussex

It’s been a quiet month for the Neighbourhood Plan as everyone was on holiday. While we were away we were receiving some additional information from a number of Site Promoters regarding their proposals for their sites.

Gathering this additional information will enable us to make better decisions about which sites should be shortlisted for potential development in the future. September will see us finalise our shortlist and put the information into an actual Draft Neighbourhood Plan. This will then be consulted upon widely, including presentation to residents.

Neighbourhood Plans are formal planning documents and we are using a Planning Consultant to help steer us in the right direction and prepare the draft Neighbourhood Plan and some supporting documents. The Parish Council is funding much of the Neighbourhood Plan work but has also received grants from Groundwork UK to supplement the cost of the Consultant.

You may have read in the Press recently that Neighbourhood Plans may be subject to review every 2 years. This situation will only arise if Horsham District Council (HDC) fail to deliver their target number of homes across the District. If HDC keep on top of housing delivery and keep their 5 year Housing Land Supply up to date then it is likely that we will only need to review the Neighbourhood Plan every 4-5 years.

Given that it will have taken us almost 3 years to prepare our first Plan (if all goes well in the coming months) then we don’t want to be starting again just as soon as we are finished. HDC are reviewing their housing numbers in the coming months and a well planned contribution from Ashington and other Parishes is vital to meet the District targets and keep inappropriate and unsustainable developments away.


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