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Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan is now deep into the Site Assessment phase of the project. Further details on all 17 sites are being gathered and a full planning assessment of each site is being prepared.

This is time consuming but it is vital that we get this stage of the process right as we could be subject to legal challenge at a later date. For this reason, the Parish Council is using a qualified and experienced Planning Consultant. The cost of this is being funded both by a Government grant and Parish Council funds but this is a vital project for the village and it is important to do it properly.

Some of you may have heard of potential new developments or been contacted by Site Promoters asking for your support. Each Site Promoter wishes to see their own site developed, over and above the others but the Neighbourhood Plan will assess all of the sites and seek to choose the most sustainable, developable, deliverable and beneficial to our community. We will be holding an exhibition of potential sites in early 2018, distributing leaflets to all households, businesses, stakeholders, community groups etc so that everyone has an opportunity to study the proposals and give us their feedback.

Play equipment & multi-sports court

In other news, the replacement of play equipment in both the Posthorses/Turnpike Way and Warmingshurst Close play areas will be taking place shortly. In addition, the Parish Council is working with Ashington Community Centre Trust (ACCT) to review the surfacing on the multi-sports court and investigate upgrading to something better than tarmac.

Some years ago ACCT agreed that the court would be available free-of-charge to residents for casual usage in exchange for the Parish Council funding court maintenance. Both parties and working to agree upon similar terms of usage, funding for the new surfacing and maintenance.



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