Ashington Parish Council January News

Ashington, West Sussex

The Steering Group met on Tuesday 4th December to review the ‘Preferred Option’ to deliver the number of homes that are needed in Ashington and that best fits the Vision, Objectives and Policies of the draft Neighbourhood Plan. There were a couple of alternative options and the Steering Group carefully considered all of these, finally agreeing upon the Preferred Option and one Alternative Option. It should be remembered that it is the residents of this Parish and the Community Groups, stakeholders and other interested parties that engaged with us, completed our surveys, gave us the information we asked for, that have formed the basis of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Steering Group has simply taken the information that we were given, followed advice from our Planning Consultant and Horsham District Council and chosen the sites based on the ‘best fit’ to the information that we gathered. This is a resident-led Plan – done by the residents for the benefit of the residents.

We will be booking a venue for a couple of time slots in January in order to hold an Exhibition of our work for residents, stakeholders, Site Promoters, interested parties and anyone else that wants to attend. We will gather feedback, before putting the agreed Option into our draft Neighbourhood Plan.

This will be sent off to HDC for a ‘healthcheck’ before it enters the final adoption process. Please watch out for publicity regarding our Exhibition – leaflets, posters, banners, social media will all be used as we want as many of you to attend as possible. Remember, ‘no development’ is not an option and the Neighbourhood Plan is the only way to get our ‘fair share’ of homes but in the places that best achieve the wishes of
residents that have taken part in the process.



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