Arundel Town Council September News

Arundel, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Full Council  14th June 2018*

Streetscene Project

  • Kick off workshop took place on 5 June at the Town Hall with 26 stakeholders (representatives from Chamber, Castle Trustees, Norfolk Estate, ACE School, St Philips School, ACP, Lido, The Victoria Institute, Arundel Museum, ADC, WSCC, ATC and several residents).
  • Main emphasis of the project is:
  • Improve the public realm
  • Create wayfinding for both residents (intuitive, experiential) and visitors (information)
  • Allow for business development
  • Enhance green spaces
  • There were several exercises: draw a map of Arundel, Arundel persona then a presentation of draft ideas for six areas in Arundel followed by open discussion:
  • Shared space from Mill Road car park, to High St, Tarrant & Crown Yard
  • Horses Field – growing space
  • Canada Road skate park area
  • Herington’s Field
  • Possible new car park on Fitzalan Road, adjacent to allotments, with new footbridge over Arun to bottom of Arun Street linking to walking routes along river & to all parts of Town.

We are no longer talking about “pedestrianisation” but “shared space” with flat road/pavement surfaces open to all users (cars, deliveries, pedestrians & cyclists). The road treatment will automatically encourage drivers to slow down or avoid the areas. The concept is “to not through Arundel” trying to keep vehicles to the edges unless they have a reason to be there.

Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Timetable

  • Funding in place with grant applications from Locality & ADC
  • Website continually updated
  • Informal consultation with residents during August & September on draft policies; then refine policies
  • Formal consultation with residents & other stakeholders in Oct/Nov
  • Refine as needed for minor updates
  • Reg 15 Final consultation in Jan/Feb 2019
  • Submission to ADC for Inspection March 2019
  • Referendum in July 2019 – after local elections in May 2019.

*These were the latest minutes available at the time of going to press.


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