An important message from Arundel Town Council regarding the A27 Arundel Bypass campaign

arundel town council on the arundel bypass dual carriageway

Do residents want a bypass for Arundel?

Arundel Town Council have said that residents and businesses can let National Highways know if they want a Bypass for Arundel and tell them why they want it to be built.

The A27 is the only major road running east-west south of the M25. At Arundel it becomes a one lane road running through the middle of the town.

The consequences according to Arundel Town Council:

  • An above average number of accidents
  • Long traffic queues, congestion and delays
  • Drivers speeding through the narrow streets of Arundel in an attempt to avoid tailbacks

Why Arundel Town Council Supports an Arundel Bypass

The A27 runs through the heart of Arundel. The National Highways plan to build a bypass that will take the traffic further away from it, and Arundel Town Council believes that the benefits for the people in Arundel will be:

  • Reduce the queues, delays and congestion at the entrance to Arundel
  • Reduce rat running through the town. Arundel won’t be a short-cut for speeding drivers avoiding delays on the single lane stretch of the A27
  • Make local roads safer
  • Improve air quality by reducing through traffic
  • Move the A27 further away from Arundel’s two primary schools
  • Make the current A27 a local road
  • Improve overall road safety on the A27
  • Reduce journey times and improve predictability, giving an economic boost to the region

National Highways are targeting a 10% increase in biodiversity from the A27 Arundel Bypass project.

How to Communicate with National Highways

People can either use the online consultation form at, email National Highways at [email protected], or post a letter to Freepost A27 Arundel. If you write or email, people should:

  • Ensure that you use the heading “A27 Bypass Consultation”
  • State whether you are a resident or a business
  • Provide your name and either your address or your postcode.

The closing date for responses is Tuesday 8th March 2022.

For letters, collection boxes are located in Larkins (Tarrant Street), Hillside Stores (Jarvis Road), at the Post Office and in the Town Hall. Any letters received by the 5th of March will be forwarded to National Highways.


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