Arundel Town Council November News

Arundel, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the minutes of the Town Council meeting held on 13th September 2018

Improvements to play areas

Rachel Alderson and Ros Bryant from ADC gave a short presentation on Proposed improvements at Mill Road Play Area and Canada Road Play Area & Skate Park. ADC indicated that Mill Road needed a £35,000 spend and Canada Road a further £60,000. They were looking for Partnership support on these projects from Arundel Town Council (ATC). ADC would welcome support and remarked that ATC contributions could be issued over a number of years. ADC commented provisional improvements would made at Mill Road Park, March 2019 and Canada Rd Park 2020.

Mill Road & Canada Road Play Area & Skate Park form part of the next proposed phase of improvements:

Mill Road –  Enhance current offer; Replacement of current main slide unit; Enhance sense of ‘place’ and complement unique surroundings;

Canada Road Play Area –  Improve range and type of equipment; Improve surfacing; Reposition play area within main open space as current footprint restricts current and future potential.

Canada Road Skate Park – Deliver a ‘destination’ skate park facility; Enhance offer for a wider range of users & abilities; Construct from modern materials; Reduce noise levels.

Grant Application Approvals


£1,000 to cover costs to keep this day as a free entry event.

Centurian Explorer Scouts

£600. As part of a link with the Great War commemoration group this money helps offset some of the costs for scouts (some of whom would not be able to afford this) for an educational trip to the WW1 battlefields.

4Sight Vision

£600 to help support people with sight loss in West Sussex.

  1. d) Arundel By Candlelight (ABC)

£2,950.00 towards event costs. ABC recognises the concerns from residents to have a more low-key, community-led event with the lighting of the Tree supported by Rotary. Festivities being on the Friday, school choirs and blessings from the three churches and children’s lantern parade will take place. The Saturday and Sunday the ice rink will be in use at Jubilee Gardens amongst other entertainment.


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