Arundel Town Council June News

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Full Council meeting on 11th April 2019.

Public Questions

A couple of emails had been received with regards to the recent 20mph and gateway signs in the Town. In particular, the positioning of the gateway sign at Torton Hill Road and entrance to Jarvis Road. Concerns were raised about the inclusion of Ford Rd as a gateway and whether visitors would spot the signs at Jarvis Road. The Mayor and Cllr Stewart have a meeting with WSCC Highways on 11th April to discuss the issue and will report findings to the Traffic committee.

Dementia Service in Arundel

Charlie Rayner from Age (UK) presented on a new Dementia Service in Arundel. Thanks were given to Arundel Town Council for their Grant to Age UK for their Social Prescribing service. Councillors heard how Age (UK) have taken over some services from Coastal West Sussex MIND.

There is now an Arundel Carers’ Drop-in at Arundel Library the last Monday of each month from 10am-12pm.  This is for people with memory loss or dementia together with their family and friends. This offers help with tips for coping, information and support, with optional activities and guest speakers. Currently around 6 people attend each session also, social events can be arranged for example golf, afternoon teas where the average attendance is 16. The hope is that from the help in advertising with local businesses and services these numbers will soon increase.

Editor’s note: If the service would like to add their meetings and events to our website, they will be fed to our social media channels and we will also publish them in the magazine each month, free of charge.

 Mayor’s Communications

3/04/19 Tour and presentation at the Littlehampton Food Bank at the Littlehampton Baptist Church. Many families in Arundel use this facility and thanks was given to all the volunteers and supporters who contribute to this service.

To record a vote of thanks on 11 April 2019 to Councillors Anne Hariott and Colin Heriot for their commitment of service to the town as Councillors for over 30 years.

The Mayor expressed her gratitude to all other Councillors who were ‘stepping down from office in this election year. She thanked Cllr Stewart, as Deputy Mayor, Chair of Traffic and his work as the Chair of the Neighbourhood plan steering group. Cllr Wagland was thanked for her passion and enthusiasm over the last 4 years. Cllr Patel for his work as Chair of Planning and work on the Council website amongst other projects.


Planning Inspectorate had confirmed that an appeal had been lodged by Renaissance Retirement Homes against Arun District Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for the development of the sheltered housing scheme at Blastreat and Greenhurst, Fitzalan Road. Thanks, were given to the Locum Town Clerk for her ongoing hard work on this.

Police Liaison.

Arundel is still pushing for more patrols and presence in the Town, particularly at the weekends. It was noted that Sussex Police have a number of ‘powers of arrest’ when considering acts that cause a nuisance in public places, i.e. urinating in the street, causing a disturbance or debris left etc.

Compensation sought from Arundel Carpet Company from damage to a window had been resolved.

The police have been attending to County line drug dealing and a recent campaign on Knife Crime. The nearest station to hand over knives is Littlehampton Station. The increase in numbers to the force will not been seen instantly but over a period of time.

Neighbourhood Plan

Thanks were given to Councillor Stewart for all his hard work on the Neighbourhood Plan. The Council resolved to approve the submission of the Review of the Arundel Neighbourhood Plan Review 2018-2031 to Arun District Council for them to arrange for the formal Regulation 16 consultation and thereafter be the subject of an examination by an Inspector and a referendum, and gives delegated authority to the Arundel Town Council’s Town Clerk to make minor amendments if required prior to the submission date.

Other points

  • The Neighbourhood Plan will be submitted to Town Council on 11/4 and then ADC.
  • There are a number of affordable homes being included in the new housing developments in the area.
  • The A27 consultation will be starting in late August.
  • The Environment Agency have said that the works in River Road will involve the need to build a cofferdam which potentially means a lot of lorries needing to access the site and some disruption from October.
  • There will also be some work done on some erosion on the East riverbank near the railway.
  • There has been some progress with the campervans/caravans in Mill Road and currently only one remains.


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