Arundel Town Council January News

Edited extracts from minutes of the Planning & Environment Committee meeting on 22nd November 2018

Public Questions

Councillor Phillips raised a question on behalf of a local resident as to why there were no public recycling facilities in the centre of the Town. The Town Clerk confirmed that she would write to the Norfolk Estate and enquire about the position of such a facility being located within the Mill Road Car Park.

Current Actions

  • Brewery Hill Path Closure. Enquiries with Arun District Council regarding this issue were ongoing.
  • Mill Road wooden banisters. The first quote had been received and other quotes had yet to be submitted.
  • Mill Road – Lime trees. The lime trees and whips should be ordered and paid for, but delivery delayed until next year.
  • Town Quay flower beds. Planting that had taken place. There are problems in securing a future good display as a result of potential harm to the scheme from dogs being allowed by their owners onto the flower beds.
  • River bank degradation at Offham. There was nothing further to report at this stage.
  • Repair of wall at Mount Pleasant. There was nothing further to report at this stage.
  • Blastreat Development planning application. A recommendation on the application and its referral to the Arun District Council’s Development Control Committee for a decision had still not taken place.
  • Initiate a new town walk around. The Chairman and other volunteers had agreed to walk around the Town and help clean up any unkempt areas.
  • SDNPA Lack of enforcement. The Town Clerk has spoken with SDNP officers about about possible action taking place against alleged breaches of planning control along Queen Street.
  • Draft Flood / Emergency plan. The Chairman and the Mayor would shortly meet to draft a Flood Emergency Plan.
  • Ellis Close Tree preservation. Contact will be made with Arun DC to enquire whether a tree protection order should be issued..
  • Town Clean up. The Chairman and his volunteers had received equipment from Arun DC . Cleanup of any unkempt areas around the Town can start.
  • Relaying of cobbles. The Clerk will invite the Conservation Officer to attend on site to discuss the potential materials for repointing the cobbles.


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