Arundel Town Council April News

Arundel, West Sussex

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Planning & Environment Committee meeting on 28th February 2019.

Arundel Flooding Issues

There are still a number of issues to be resolved in relation to the EA’s new scheme to improve Arundel’s flood defences. These include:

  • The scope and detail of the scheme
  • The length of the new wall adjacent to River Road
  • The ownership of the new wall and its long-term maintenance
  • The engineering assessment of the state of the defences between the bridges
  • The overall cost of the scheme

The Arun Valley Railway

Network Rail (NR) has responded to Nick Herbert MP about the erosion of the east bank of the River Arun alongside the railway in the vicinity of Offham and South Stoke.

The NR response confirms that they have got the message, that they have accepted responsibility for resolving any problems associated with the impact of such erosion on the Arun Valley Railway, and that they have both short- and long-term reviews and corrective measures in place.

We can leave the situation in their hands. They review the state of the river banks on a regular basis, and the Norfolk Estate will advise NR of any adverse situations discovered as a result of their own periodic reviews.

Mill Road Car Park Ditch

The Norfolk Estate has just completed some excellent work in clearing ditch between the two Mill Road car parks. The ditch had not been cleared for years, it was thoroughly overgrown and full of detritus, with the water being black, stagnant and polluted, and with nowhere to go. All has now changed, and the aesthetics of the site are also markedly improved. This is a win-win all round, including hopefully for the local bird and animal life.

Mill Road wooden banisters

Some quotes have been received and we are continuing to seek further.

Mill Road – Lime trees

Thanks were given to Bob Tanner for his hard work on the planting and investigation works with the Lime Trees.

Council Elections 2019

If you are interested in finding out about becoming a Town Councillor, the elections are on 2nd May.


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