Arundel Schools June Roundup

Amberley School

Playtimes at Amberley School have always been lots of fun with the children all mixing in together to play with a wide range of equipment. However, their playtime has now been made even more enjoyable with the recent addition of playground markings which have enhanced the children’s play experiences.

The vibrant colours of the markings are a real contrast to the historic thatched houses in Amberley, which is well know as one of Sussex’s most beautiful villages. The compass at the centre of the playground leaves the children with no doubt about which way they are facing.

A group of children from the school’s pupil council designed a number of games which have now been professionally marked out on the playground. There is a mixture of traditional games including target throwing and hopscotch and two ‘four square’ grids have also proved to be very popular. A number caterpillar and letter snake welcome the children into the playground and a smiley clock compass tells the children the compass points and helps the children tell the time. The most popular of the new markings has proved to be the trim trail around the perimeter of the playground.

“I like the target on the playground and trying to get a higher score than my friends,” said Thomas aged 7.

“I really like the tight rope walking which has sharks underneath. It has really helped me to improve my balance,” pupil also aged 7.

Well advanced plans are in place to develop an innovative outdoor classroom at the school for the Autumn term so the children can engage in even more outdoor learning.

Ray Jackson, Chair of Governors

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Easter Eucharist

We are very fortunate to have strong links with our church, St Nicholas’, and particularly with our vicar Father David who came into school to lead our Easter Eucharist, which culminated in every member of our school receiving communion or being blessed.

Father David had also spent time in school during the lead up to Holy Week in order to work with each of the classes. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Father David for leading our Easter Eucharist, and Mr Hawke for being a great pianist and encouraging our children to sing so beautifully. Well done also to Albie, Monty and Thomas for reading so confidently at the service.

As part of the service the children kindly donated money to help with aid in Sri Lanka. Kyle and Jack, like many of the children, showed true love and kindness by giving up some of their Easter money. It was such a thoughtful act, and what made it more special was that it was the children’s idea to give their own money to support the victims of this horrific attack. If we can do only one thing in the world, it should be to ensure our children are caring, compassionate individuals who love their neighbours.

Amanda Worne visits ACE and inspires us all!

We were recently very lucky to be visited by Amanda Worne who, four years ago, was left paralysed from the waist down by a cycling accident. Amanda shared her life experiences with us revealing that her life is now better than ever.

Amanda talked about the fact that she wouldn’t change history and that the accident had made her who she is today. She even said that she would not turn back the clock and that she sees the accident as something that has led to her having the many opportunities she has now had. The way she spoke about her future, and her ideas of such things as hope, accentuated to everyone in the school the positivity this lady has.

Amanda then spent time with the children in Year 5 and Year 6 to talk more about her experiences and to work with them on developing ways that they could develop methods to deal with adversity. Both classes found their time with her inspirational and the children gained a great deal from the experience.


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