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Amberley School

Whilst 2018 was a momentous year for Amberley Primary School, 2019 promises to be even more exciting and important.

In 2018 we saw our first Year 6 pupils graduate from the school and sadly but proudly saw them move on to a variety of secondary schools across the county. In 2019, we hope to further cement our partnership with St James’ Coldwaltham which will enable both schools to share resources, best practice and deliver better value by shared purchasing.

Standards continue to improve and Amberley prides itself in looking very closely at the progress of each and every child in the school. A system has been introduced which measures the progress of each child as they move through the school and we believe that this is a far better measure of a school’s effectiveness. Every year and in every class children are different; they are individuals and measuring progress by just looking at class or cohort performance often does not take this individuality into account.

A Pupil Enrichment Programme (PEP) has been introduced which provides extra finance to allow more cultural development for our children outside of the normal curriculum. In 2019, visits to concerts, the theatre and dance performances are planned using funds from the PEP.

All associated with Amberley Primary are justifiably proud of the school and how we help the children develop. I can’t find a better way of describing the benefits of sending your children to Amberley than a recent quote from one of our parents:

“Choosing my child’s first school was an emotional decision on so many levels. I remember it so well, I remember considering home-schooling for fear of losing my precious first born to full time education. I read Ofsted reports and questioned class sizes, access to outdoor areas and even homework policies. Open Days, catchment areas and application forms filled our weekends. It felt like a new era, new and confusing. However, we came to a decision and I remember the relief when our choice became a reality.

Now, two years on, relief has been replaced by pride as the school I chose grows, strengthens and improves with each term.

Amberley is well placed to take children from a wide radius and given the low population of the village there is usually space even if you think you might not be in the catchment. Amberley really is a little hidden gem of a school and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

If you are interested in sending your child to Amberley Primary, you are very welcome to visit at any time. Please contact the School Office on 01798 831612 to make an appointment or have a look at our website

Ray Jackson, Chair of Governors. Find out more at

Arundel C of E School

Our ACE choirs performed at many different events over the Christmas period and delighted audiences with their beautiful singing. In Arundel Mr Hawke led his choir in the Arun Choral Society’s Carol Service at Arundel Cathedral. The children were complemented both on their impressive singing and their impeccable behaviour. Mr Hawke also led our choir during the Key Stage 2 Carol Concert at St Nicholas’ Church, which as always was a very moving occasion.

Mr Servant, our music teacher, took his choir to Arundel by Candlelight to sing carols at the turning on of the Christmas tree lights, which was a very enjoyable occasion. He also led the children in singing carols at Morrisons, which is an annual event for the school and provides an opportunity for us to raise funds for the choir. Mrs Simpson and Mrs Burchell accompanied their class choir to perform carols at Arundel Baptist Church and received a glowing response from Pastor Steve and the residents of Warwick Court.

Mr Servant’s choir was also invited to sing at the Music and Memories Café at the Regis Centre in Bognor Regis, which involved the children singing for members of the local community living with dementia. Both the children and the audience very much enjoyed the experience and gained a lot from the afternoon, illustrated by the feedback that the choir received:

“I would like to thank you and all the wonderful children that performed at our Music & Memories Café in Bognor yesterday. It was extremely rewarding to see one of our clients who is living with Dementia transform from being very anxious and only being able to make it just inside the main door to someone who became relaxed, responsive and just seeing the joy experienced makes these events so worthwhile.

“It was thanks to yourselves and the wonderful children at ACE who were able to make this happen. The children were so well behaved and performed wonderfully. They are a real asset to the school.”


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