Arun Veterinary Group celebrates special accolade from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons

Leading West Sussex veterinary practice Arun Veterinary Group celebrates the first anniversary of the opening of its state of the art hospital in Storrington with the announcement of a special accolade from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS).

The long standing, family-style vets has become the first practice in West Sussex to achieve the combined accreditation ‘Hospital and Emergency and Critical Care’ status through the RCVS Practice Standards Scheme.

Arun Veterinary Group owner Matt Gittings said, “Clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we choose to fully participate in this voluntary industry standards programme. Just as Ofsted inspects schools, the RCVS recognises excellence in veterinary practice and the fact that we have the most comprehensive accreditation in West Sussex is the best anniversary present we could hope for.

“Participation in the scheme demonstrates the highest level of accountability and dedication to pet health, indicating a practice that values honesty and transparency with its clients, and the industry overall. We always encourage existing and potential clients to make an appointment to view our facilities and meet members of our long standing, expert team so they can discover for themselves the standards that have made this accreditation possible.”

Gittings attributes the recent recognition to three things – state of the art facilities, remaining an independent practice and good old fashioned teamwork. He said, “By day, Arun Veterinary Group’s team delivers clinical excellence with a personal touch; trust, good communication and traditional values are all integral to the ethos of our working family. As we’re independent, we have the freedom to tailor the most appropriate treatments, adapt quickly, and always strive for the highest possible outcome. By night, the dedicated South Downs Emergency Vets team seamlessly takes over to closely monitor inpatients and provide emergency and critical care for the pets of West Sussex.

“This arrangement enables both teams to provide expert continuous care, not just for our Storrington hospital patients, but also for our locations in Ashington, Pulborough and Westergate. It’s important to note that South Downs Emergency Vets is operated separately to Arun Veterinary Group so regardless of where a pet is registered for daytime care, the service is available to everyone in the event of an emergency.”

Arun Veterinary Group has enjoyed a long association with West Sussex with a legacy that harks back to 1920 when the original founder, Francis Hunter, started a practice in nearby Petworth before establishing another location in Pulborough in 1972. Current owners, local residents Matt and Sarah Gittings have been part of the Arun Veterinary Group family since 2000.


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