Arun and Chichester Food Partnership making good food accessible across Arun and Chichester

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership community food growing toolkit

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership Food Growing Toolkit

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership have a new toolkit on community food growing. They launched the Arun Winter Food Fund to help projects reduce hunger this winter and are sharing events and initiatives from partners with a spotlight on Petworth’s first ‘Good Food Day.’

The Community Food Growing Toolkit is ready for people to learn about getting started in community growing. For those interested in getting involved, get in touch to join the community growing network in Arun & Chichester.

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership want to change the food system, help more people be able to eat healthily, reduce climate damage, improve health and environment, learn skills, make friends and more.

Download the toolkit or email [email protected]

Funding to increase food available this winter

Recognising the rising demand on community food projects during this cost of living crisis, groups working in Arun can now apply for funding to increase the amount of food available for people struggling this winter.

Groups can apply for up to £2,000. The total fund is for £20,000, and depending on applications received, approximately half the fund will be allocated in December and half in February. This fund has been provided by Arun District Council and administered by the Arun and Chichester Food Partnership. Full information on how to apply here:

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership have published the results of the Food in Arun & Chichester Districts survey launched earlier this year. There were 211 responses, with good distribution across the districts. The data has been examined from multiple perspectives, which will help to develop local projects to meet local needs.

The greatest amount of interest was in community growing and “more food being made available locally through a market or community shop,” but many other ideas were popular within a variety of demographics.

You can see the report here and if you need more detail or want to discuss developing local food projects, email [email protected]

Delivery schemes information

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership now have an info sheet on local and national delivery schemes including Meals on Wheels services, to help people overcome the barriers of transport, time and distance. They are offering a special discount code from Oddbox for 50% off people’s first order (excluding the fruit booster box) code ARUNCHIFOOD.

New Cook and Eat Project

Transition Chichester have a new initiative called Food for Friends – to run a kitchen where refugees come together with volunteers, to shop, cook and eat together, relax and share. It aims to help people integrate into the wider community and become friends. The project is looking for volunteer befrienders and listeners, and you can also nominate the project for funding through Co-op Causes.

Warm Spaces News

Warm spaces have been in the news as a response to the rising energy costs households are facing, and Arun and Chichester Food Partnership are keeping their eyes on places which offer food and drink. Arun District Council are offering grants of up to £2000 to support fund them across Arun – find out more here. You can find local places at Find a Warm Welcome Space Today, Warm Spaces and Warm Spaces – Chichester Deanery

Food redistribution charity UK Harvest are running their successful Holiday clubs, this time across five sites around Arun and Chichester the week before Christmas. Priority is given for families receiving Free School Meals and all clubs are free to attend – book now!

Spotlight on: Petworth and NE Chichester Local Network and Good Food Day

On 25th October, a network of local community groups supported by the Arun and Chichester Food Partnership held the first Petworth Good Food Day. The event was well-attended and greatly enjoyed by its visitors.

With cookery demonstrations, sharing ways to reduce the energy use of cooking, explanation about energy-saving appliances, a shared meal, activities for children, a consultation about what is wanted and needed in the area, information about help and training available, goodybags and more, it was valued by those who attended.

Arun and Chichester Food Partnership thanked Hyde Foundation for the funding for the day, as well as Warburtons and SØDT for the donation of bread and the local growers who donated plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit to the goody-bags.

If your organisation works in Petworth and NE Chichester and you would like to be involved in food projects in the area, contact [email protected]

Supermarket responses to cost of living crisis

Asda are offering £1 for soup, a roll and unlimited tea and coffee for people aged 60 and over in November and December, which will run alongside its deal for kids to eat for £1. The supermarket is also running a ‘Community Cuppa’ campaign in its cafes by creating space for community groups, who may otherwise struggle to meet due to rising energy costs.

Spaces will be available on weekdays in November and December from 2pm to 6pm and all community group members who visit will receive unlimited free tea or coffee.

Sainsbury’s are topping up shopping for Healthy Start card holders with a £2 printed coupon every week in their larger stores, until April 2023. The coupons are not being given out in their smaller convenience stores but can be redeemed in them.

Healthy Start is an NHS scheme for low-income families to receive up to £8.50 per week towards fruit, vegetables, pulses and milk. Find out more about the scheme here:


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