Are You Putting the Wrong Things in Your Drains?

Most of us never think about our drains in any way at all. When we do some washing up once that water goes down the plug it essentially doesn’t exist anymore and the same goes for our toilets and any outside drains too. But this situation can change really quickly and when a drain blocks it is normally down to something we have done and something we have been putting into our drains that wasn’t meant to be there. We have all done it but being mean to your drains will catch up with you eventually and a blocked drain can be a real pain!

What NOT to Put Down Your Sink

There are a number of things that are easy to forget about and just try and wash them down the sink that are really rather bad!

FOG – Fat, Oil and Grease

These are the big three of naughty things that go down the sink! When we fry something we tend to just wash any left over oil straight down the sink. Often people will dot he same when roasting and they simply tip the oil down the plug hole….this is a really bad idea.

The oil or grease may seem very fluid in the pan and at room temperature but your drain pipe soon leaves the warmth of the house and goes outside where it can be a lot colder and this is where the problems start. The fat will start to congeal and stop flowing with the water. Over time this can lead to a substantial blockage that will need a professional to unblock.

What Should We Do?

The best thing to do is to let the fat cool naturally and then using some kitchen roll simply wipe the pan clean and throw it in the bin. What little is left will be dealt with during washing up and wont be enough to cause a problem.

Starchy Foods

Its not just fat that causes problems in the kitchen. Foods like porridge can turn very solid if left out and the same thing happens in the drains. Trying to wash left over porridge, pasta, rice and even beans down the sink can lead to a starchy build up and a blockage.

What Should We Do?

Rather than attempt to wash starchy foods down the sink it is far better to put it in the compost or normal bin. It may take a few more seconds to do but it could save you a lot of hassle and cost.


These days it is very normal to make real coffee at home and as a result it is a lot more common for people to try and put coffee grounds down the plug. While coffee doesn’t stick together in the same way as fats and starchy foods they can build up like sand and cause the water flow to slow down. If you put coffee down the sink every day it will build up and cause problems.

What Should We Do?

You guessed it…put coffee grounds in the bin and not down the sink.

Baby Wipes

Anyone with young children will have put some baby wipes down the toilet at some time or other. Sometimes things are just too messy not too but then it becomes a habit and one that happens more and more. It may come as a surprise, but bay wipes can cause a lot of drain problems. They don’t fall apart like tissue and they can be heavy when wet so they can easily cause a blockage.

What Should We Do?

Well, it can be tricky to just pop baby wipes in the main kitchen bin as your toilet may be a long way away. The best thing to do is have a separate swing bin in the toilet that can easily be used one handed and then tip it directly in the main bin as often as you want. It is certainly not as simple as putting them down the toilet but it may well prevent a blocked drain. Gavin Dimmock –

If you have a blocked drain or you are worried there may be an issue call Gavin on 0800 043 5452


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