Ardingly Ifield Solar 2022 updates – Solar car, events and STEM facility

ardingly ifield solar

Ardingly Ifield Solar’s Flat Pack Solar Car

The Ardingly College and Ifield Community College project continues to make progress and educate pupils on sustainable transport.

The Flat Pack Solar Car off road multi functional SUV with the capabilities of supplying off grid power is designed as a Tuk Tuk replacement. This is under construction with the frame and the battery making considerable progress.

They announced that two interns Ben Piggot from Brighton University and Lucia Sanz Macareno from Surrey University will be joining in September.

The Department of Transport have renewed Ardingly Ifield Solar‘s Vehicle Special Order for this summer’s activities. They still have the only UK road registered solar car.

Ardingly Ifield Solar’s Basking Beastie activities

The Beastie will be at the following activities:

  • The South of England Show 10th, 11th and 12th of June
  • Mid Science Week Burgess Hill King’s Centre 17th June
  • Mid Science week 9.00am to 3.00pm
  • The London to Brighton EV rally. The Basking Beastie will be competing in this rally running down from London (National Theatre) to Ifield Community College, with a 2 hour stop over before driving to Brighton.
  • Great Big Green Week Ardingly 1st October
  • Competing in the European Solar Challenge (Zolder) Belgium, this 24 hour race is from September 17th to 18th.

Double decker bus purchase and STEM conversion

Because of the generosity of the Rae family and the sponsorship of GEW Ltd, Ardingly Ifield Solar have purchased a London double decker bus. This is being converted into a mobile STEM facility facilitating extra curricular activities at Ifield Community College and being used to promote STEM awareness at schools and public events.

Downstairs is being converted into a work shop/laboratory and upstairs into a design/lecture room.

Ardingly Ifield Solar is welcoming people to Ifield Community College from 9AM until noon to see 50 electric vehicles, including the only road registered solar car in the UK and the new Ifield Community College STEM Bus.


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