Amberley Parish Council September News

St Michael's Church, Amberley

Edited extracts from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting 12th July 2018

Newland Gardens Comments had been received from two residents of Newland Gardens regarding maintenance issues. It was suggested that we collate the number of times Burleys have been out to Newland Gardens, and then review and decide on the next step.

Website Looking into a new website due to the extremely poor service from the current provider. A budget review will be completed to see if the Council can afford to swap providers this financial year.

Paths Complaint received from a resident regarding overgrown vegetation from a garden that had obscured the ‘no through road sign’ in Church Street.  The resident had cut the vegetation back. It is up to residents to cut back any vegetation from their garden that is overgrowing onto the road, pavement or footpath.

Assets and Amenities The renovations to the nursery rhyme unit in Hurst Cottages playground will be done next week by Andy Small. Once these are done we need to get a quote for the painting of the unit or see if it could be done by volunteers.

Village Bus The annual bus accounts all looking healthy. Running costs and repair expenses are significantly reduced due to new bus. We are on the lookout for new, younger drivers.

Amberley Neighbourhood Plan The funding that was to be used for the development of the car park (LEADER funding) is no longer available for car parks.  Funding for the car park would now  have to come from the Community Infrastructure Levy from the new houses on Mrs. Hilda Newman’s land.

The developer has listened to residents and revised their plans to include smaller and cheaper accommodation i.e. the average price will be £400 per square foot making a two bedroom flat approx. £250,000.

The developer has also indicated that they would be prepared to subsidy 2 to 3 of the lower cost flats/houses.  There will now be 15 units, of which 4 will be flats.

A meeting has been held with the SDNPA Planner who has advised that they would like to see evidence of local need for the housing.  Proposal to publicise the plans on Listserve and ask residents to advise him of any interest – Councillors agreed.

There may be a possibility of a bridging loan from the Amberley Welfare Trust to start work on the car park from October 2018 when the current lease is up.

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